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Hi! How you doing.

I suffered from an acute myeloid leukemia in October 2015, and has continued the anti-cancer drug treatments five times in a hospital. The 5th anti-cancer drug treatment has been completed successfully in April 2016, and my doctor has allowed me to leave the hospital in April 2016.

I returned back to my job and enjoyed "a Daily Life" with a lot of satisfaction. But keeping in mind that I was in the condition of "Complete Remission", which is different from the condition of "Complete Cure".

On 15th August 2016, I felt a strong pain in my breast. I visited a clinic near my working place,and was told that this pain was due to the acute myeloid leukemia. On 17th August 2016, I was in the hospital again for the anti-cancer drug treatment.

This homepage is a record of the day-to-day treatments and miscellaneous thoughts which I am thinking in the clean room in a hospital.

Summary of the treatments
Events in a clean room
Ten good things the cancer has resulted in
Questions and Answers on Leukemia
Miscellaneous thoughts
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